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Most people visit a general dentist regularly to clean their teeth or treat gum disease. However, dentistry is a very broad field, and general dentists can’t resolve all issues. People with more complex issues and irregularities might have to go to an orthodontist, especially those who have had issues with their teeth and jaws since birth.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Westlake Village, we can diagnose, assess, treat, and prevent various jaw and teeth irregularities, helping you recognize your current problems and fixing them. We can also predict potential future issues and recommend the best course of action.

When do you really need an orthodontist, and what can these professionals help you with? 

Issues orthodontists work with

Orthodontists can help people of all ages, and they often treat irregularities such as:

These are just some of the issues orthodontists can treat, but the most common problems people have are crowded and spaced teeth. In most cases, general dentists can recognize alignment issues during routine checks, and they should refer patients to orthodontists. 

However, it’s also a good idea to contact us if you’re searching for an orthodontist in Westlake Village to get a thorough examination from a professional orthodontist and get specialized treatment if necessary.


If you’ve had issues with your bite, your teeth don’t come into proper contact, or you feel that your teeth or jaw are crooked, it’s best to visit our specialist orthodontist in Westlake Village. Your general dentist can notice some issues, but they can’t help you with these problems.

Still, a general dentist can do some orthodontic work like the Invisalign treatment. Orthodontic issues aren’t necessarily severe, but they require early treatment, or they could complicate things. The more you prolong your visit, the more problems you’ll have, and even experience significant pain.

What to expect during your visit

When you visit our orthodontist specialist for a consultation, you are likely to go through these steps:
These tests will help the orthodontist understand how to proceed with treatment and choose the best course for your dental health. From there, you might get dental appliances or braces to help with your issues or get a surgery recommendation in case of a severe defect.

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Dental health is vital. The longer you postpone your visit, the worse it could get. Contact us today, and we’ll book a consultation with one of our orthodontists as soon as possible. There’s nothing scary about an exam – the scariest thing is ignoring your condition until it becomes severe.

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Patients with reasons to smile

00:00 10 Aug 23
Everyone is nice at the office. Dr.Lee is kind and knowledgeable. Definitely recommended!
06:02 07 Aug 23
Amazing service.. love this place...
Jean VirtueJean Virtue
03:06 30 Jun 23
I have both kids under Dr. Lee's care and his staff has helped my 10 year old and 13 year old be responsible invisaline users. They smile more now that their teeth are more organized. The staff is so friendly and they explain everything clearly. Highly recommend.
Heather HarnerHeather Harner
01:01 25 May 23
We love Dr. Lee and the whole office staff! They are always so friendly and helpful and we never have to wait too long to be seen.
Michelle OlaesMichelle Olaes
06:51 06 May 23
My Son and I are both patients at this office.I could not be happier with my new smile. Dr Thomas Lee and his team have boosted my confidence tremendously. The kindness, cheerfulness, and efficiency in this office have made my entire treatment process pleasant and peaceful. I am firmly confident that you are one of the best orthodontic care teams in world! Highly recommended!
Anahit AgdaianAnahit Agdaian
08:05 14 Mar 23
Dr. Lee and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are always positive and helpful. I’m in my 50th and after getting some dental work done including implants I end up with misaligned teeth and jaw. It is not an easy fix but Dr. Lee is working very patiently with me to fix the problem. I am experiencing big improvement each and every month.
Tory WhiteTory White
00:26 11 Jan 23
I am happy to continue the 5-Star streak for Dr. Lee and his staff. Dr. Lee was recommended by my Dentist, who takes her kids to him for their orthodontic work. The fact that a fellow Dentist trusts Dr. Lee’s judgment over other competition, was enough assurance for me that he is the best. My son went from having an expander to now braces, and I have seen his teeth move beautifully without needing any teeth pulled. We love Thousand Oaks Orthodontics and are happy to have found them.
17:19 14 Oct 22
Great great experience. The team is super helpful and sweet and Dr.Lee pays great attention to detail. Very very very happy with their team.
Isabella MirandaIsabella Miranda
01:15 13 Aug 22
Dr. Lee is the best!! I have a new perfect smile thanks to him and all of his team in the office. Service is incredible !!The best of the best!
Light WorldLight World
00:01 13 Aug 22
Dr. Lee and his staff are wonderful. It was a pleasure to go to the office every time. My teeth turned out super straight. Thank you Dr. Lee.Roxana .
Nicholas KimNicholas Kim
00:58 19 Mar 22
Dr . Lee is simply the best. All his staff are courteous, respectful, attentive and compassionate.I am a dentist myself and know many orthodontists.Not all orthodontists are created equal. Having observed his impeccable treatments over the years I wouldn’t want anyone else treating my daughter.
Cheryl WardCheryl Ward
23:55 20 May 21
The office was on time and very efficient. Everything was great and very professional. We love going to this office the staff is friendly and makes the appointments fun. Dr. Lee is a great orthodontist he knows what is needed and keeps you informed.

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