Affordable Braces in Thousand Oaks, CA

Dental Braces in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Which Braces are Right For You?

Dental Braces in Thousand Oaks, CA

Dental braces play a major role in orthodontics by giving patients a beautiful smile. They are used to align and straighten teeth while positioning them with regard to a person’s bite. Braces also help in recovering malocclusions, underbites and overbites. More importantly these orthodontic treatments result in a healthier mouth free from tooth decay, gum problems, tooth loss and jaw problems. The final outcome of the orthodontist treatments relies on the expertise of the orthodontist. 

Dr. Thomas Lee is an orthodontist who has experience over 40 years in giving a healthy smile for the thousands of people in Thousand Oaks, CA. He is an expert in providing the proper treatments for the patients using advanced orthodontic technologies during a short period of time. Dr. Lee is capable of giving unique and the best orthodontic care for every condition regardless of the age, which matches the patient’s lifestyle, budget and personal preferences.

Braces for Your Family

If a patient is suffering from overbite, underbite, cross bite or open bite condition he/she will be a candidate for an orthodontic treatment. Conditions where the center of the upper front teeth does not line up with the lower front teeth, spaces between teeth and crowding can be treated by orthodontic care.

Braces are one of the most suitable treatments for the mentioned orthodontic conditions. Braces consist of bands, wires or brackets. These work by applying gentle pressure on teeth and jaws for a required period of time. For the desired result braces have to be worn for a few months or few years.

Dr. Lee has completed thousands of cases and has successfully treated every kind of orthodontic condition.He has designed braces for kids and braces for adults for different kinds of abnormalities in the teeth and jaw. He provides early orthodontic treatments for children and special treatments for adults. Early orthodontic treatment is designed for children starting from 7 years. This treatment is done by evaluating the patient and stating whether the individual future orthodontic care is necessary or not. Dr. Lee is able to examine young patient’s jaws and teeth stating the future complications and provide preventive treatments for the issue. This using braces for kids starts at the suitable time by achieving the most effective results. 

Another important service Dr. Le offers is the two phase orthodontic treatment. This treatment consists of two phases. The first phase is the dentofacial orthopedics where the abnormalities in the teeth and jaws are treated by the facial tissues. The second phase is to apply braces in order to complete the treatment.

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Dr. Lee offers different types of braces in Thousand Oaks namely damon braces, self-ligating braces, clear aligners, clear braces and much more, which match the requirement of the patient. As an expert orthodontist has knowledge on designing treatments for common and uncommon abnormalities faced by a patient with the use of different technologies and advanced selection of braces. 

Dr. Lee is a trusted practitioner in the Thousand Oak area. He provides free orthodontic evaluations for prospective patients considering braces for themselves or a family member. Feel free to schedule a free orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Lee as he is one of the best orthodontists in the field.