Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary Anchorage Devices | Thousand Oaks | Dr. Thomas C. Lee, DDS, MS

Looking for a Temporary Anchorage Devices Orthodontist in Thousands Oak, CA who can help you with the insertion of temporary anchorage devices, popularly known as TAD, Dr. Lee is the best professional to handle the detail for you. Insertion of these temporary anchorage devices ensures faster teeth movement with ease and efficiency. Temporary anchorage devices complement braces and can be as substitutes for headgear. If you feel a need to approach an orthodontist who can help you with the fixing of temporary anchorage devices, Dr. Lee will handle the process without any appearance of distress to your teeth. He is an experienced orthodontist and temporary anchorage devices provider in Thousands Oak who ensure your smile is improved without damage to your dentition.

Temporary Achorage Devices For Your Orthodontic Treatment

When undergoing your orthodontic treatment, temporary anchorage devices can be the only feasible solutions to restore your smile and enhance your looks. Temporary Anchorage devices are placed in the extra-alveolar or alveolar bone to provide orthodontic anchorage and removed as soon as they are through with their role in the treatment plan. These devices are made of titanium alloy or usually, titanium and inserted through gingiva with the application of a manual driver. They are used for an anterior retraction after the bicuspids have been removed. They are also valuable for the intrusion of anterior teeth for the correction of a deep overbite. Dr. Lee is the orthodontist you can approach to handle the process of fixing of your temporary anchorage devices. He has handled several cases that require the application of TADs, and the results have been exceptional. Dr. Thomas Lee manages the process for his patients, and it is carried out conveniently without hassles. His knowledge of the application of the right procedures of temporary anchorage devices to create a perfect smile is undeniably unique, and he has continuously delivered a soothing experience for his teeming clients. When it comes to the fixing of temporary anchorage devices, an orthodontist who has performed various tasks using the temporary anchorage devices is the best person for the job. Dr. Lee will assist you to work on your dentition and provide orthodontic services which will revitalize your dentition.

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If you are considering an orthodontic treatment with the application of temporary anchorage devices, you can book an appointment with Dr. Thomas Lee in his clinic as he is offering a free evaluation in Thousand Oaks, CA. As a specialist in the orthodontic treatment with an incredible record of successful operations that have resulted to the proper alignment of the teeth for a friendly smile, Dr. Lee has the expertise and knowledge to take care of your beautiful smile and improve your appearance.