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Wearing a lovely smile should be the aim of everyone as it makes one look attractive and warm. Your teeth have a critical role to play in the creation of that perfect smile, and there is a need to engage the services of a Damon Brace orthodontist to ensure these braces are appropriately placed. Dr Thomas Lee is based in Thousand Oaks, CA and willing to combine the necessary components to ensure the satisfaction of his patients. He is a top Damon Brace provider in Thousands Oak, CA and his proven results have spoken for his brand over the years. If you want to enhance your smile, Dr Lee is readily available to assist you with convenient solutions that will restore your beautiful smile.

Damon Brace System For Your Family

Damon Brace Systems are passive self-ligating braces that remove the need for metal or elastic ties. It ensures orthodontic treatment without tightening, and if the right personnel like Dr Lee is offered the opportunity to fix the Damon Brace systems, patients experience faster results and great relief. Damon brace system is a new clinically proven treatment plan that ensures the alignment of your teeth and improves your facial aesthetics without involving the removal of your teeth or insertion of rapid palatal expanders. These Damon braces utilize a mechanism that enables the teeth to have a smooth movement.

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In some severe cases of overcrowding an orthodontist may need to perform extractions in order to create space, but in this particular case we were able to create more space for her tongue, open up her airways, and create a larger and broader smile using only traditional metal braces during a 21 month treatment. Traditional metal braces were chosen as the treatment strategy for their high degree of control, and their ability to allow for a very nuanced rotation of teeth over time by the orthodontist.