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Dr. Thomas C. Lee, DDS, MS | Orthodontist in Thousand Oaks, CA

Dr. Lee is a trusted orthodontist in Thousand Oaks providing a full range of orthodontic care including Braces for children and adults, comprehensive treatments including early orthodontic treatment for children, and branded orthodontic treatments including Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, and Damon Braces.

Dr. Lee has cared for patients in the Ventura County region for over 15 years, practicing primarily in Oxnard, and he is now focusing his practice on the Thousand Oaks region. Every new patient is ultimately seeking the best quality orthodontic treatment and a comforting experience. New patients are in the care of an orthodontist with thousands of completed cases, technical expertise in a range of treatments, and a very inviting chair side personality which makes patients and their families feel very comfortable and confident.

Case Study - Narrow Jaw and Crowded Canine Teeth

Click here to see the full case study. Thousand Oaks Orthodontics recently completed a two year treatment on a male youth patient with a narrow upper jaw and crowded canine teeth. After an initial assessment, it was determined that one year of expansion and bone growth treatment, followed by one year of treatment using traditional metal braces would create optimal space for health eruption of upper canine teeth while promoting an optimal alignment and bite throughout the patient’s mouth.

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Orthodontics: Impacted Teeth

by Dr. Thomas C. Lee

Thousand Oaks Orthodontics can treat every orthodontic condition and we have patients from age 8 to age 80. If you’re experiencing tooth impaction in yourself, or you have a child who you think needs and orthodontic evaluation, please Schedule A Free Evaluation