Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment | Thousand Oaks | Dr. Thomas C. Lee, DDS, MS

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is recommended by dentists for some children around seven years of age. As the name suggests, this is a treatment procedure conducted in two phases. Whether your child should undergo two-phase orthodontic treatment is something that can be determined by an orthodontist. Generally, around ten to twenty percent of cases require two phases of orthodontic treatment, in which phase I starts at the age of seven to eleven and can last around ten to fourteen months. Upon completion of phase I, a retainer will be worn until the beginning of phase II. This type of treatment can reduce the number of visits required in the future and treating malocclusions easily. Dr. Thomas Lee is an expert in two-phase orthodontic treatment with more than one thousand successful treatments. He is two-phase orthodontic treatment specialist with more than fifteen years of experience in Thousand Oaks and provides an exceptional service to his patients.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment for Your Family

During phase one or early treatment, perfectly straight teeth is not a priority since most of these teeth will fall out anyway. This is why phase one treatment does not even make use of braces. The primary goal during this phase of treatment is preparing the jaws for incoming adult teeth with the use of expanders and other appliances. Issues with the alignment of teeth such as cross bites, overbites, under bites and overcrowding can be easily fixed during the time when a child has both baby teeth and adult teeth simultaneously. This is also known as mixed definition. Jaw surgery and extractions that must be done when a patient becomes older can be prevented in most cases when this type of treatment is carried out sooner than later. This type of treatment can also be useful in cases where a child’s front teeth are protruded further than normal. This can cause these teeth to chip or be damaged from falls. In such situations, this type of treatment can prove to be effective. Phase II treatment is usually commenced when most adult teeth are in place and the twelve year molars are about to erupt, generally as early as eleven years of age and done throughout the teen or adult years. A full mouth of braces or Invisalign are used depending on the individual and treatment can last eighteen to twenty-four months. It is very important to find an experienced orthodontist who can determine the best cause of action for your child’s specific needs. Dr. Thomas Lee is a renowned and highly skilled authority in two-phase orthodontic treatment with over a thousand cases of successful treatment.

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