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Self-ligating braces are similar to the typical braces with a simple exception. They do not contain rubber or elastic bands or metal ties since those are not required. Self-ligating braces instead, feature special clips or brackets that help the archwire move your teeth into place. Due to this mechanism used, the discomfort associated with traditional ligature is reduced. They are usually also easier on the teeth with lower amounts of pressure and friction exerted. Self-ligating braces are not a new form of braces. In fact, they have been around since the 1930s. They began becoming popular during the 1980s. Due to various reasons such as less time needed and fewer visits to orthodontists, lack of ligature, less force on teeth and convenience when it comes to cleaning, self-ligating braces have really taken off during the past years. Dr. Thomas Lee is a highly qualified orthodontist in the Thousand Oaks region that can provide self-ligating braces in addition to a multitude of other orthodontic services. He has provided self-ligating braces to hundreds of happy patients over the years.

Self-ligating braces for Your Family

Upon completion of his orthodontic residency in May 2002, Dr. Thomas Lee moved to Ventura County and has successfully provided hundreds of self-ligating braces over the years and has more than a decade and a half of experience in the field. Dr. Lee can successfully determine whether self-ligating braces are an option for you or a member of your family using years of experience and a number of high tech equipment and tools. Whether conventional braces, invisalign, lingual or self-ligating braces should be used depends on the severity of your condition. Therefore determining which type of braces to be used is a major decision that should be taken by a good orthodontist. It will ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained. Self-ligating braces attach to the teeth using a special adhesive. They are not removable during the period of the orthodontics process which means great oral hygiene is a priority for the success of the procedure. Therefore sugar, food that is hard or can stain teeth as well as highly acidic food or drinks should be avoided. Self-ligating braces provide some benefits compared to the standard braces. Due to the lack of rubber, elastic and metal ties these are easy to clean. However, time should be taken to brush and floss just as you would when using regular braces which will ensure that oral hygiene is maintained and the procedure will be successful.

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If you are planning on undergoing orthodontic treatment and have an idea about getting self-ligating braces for yourself or a member of your family, Dr. Thomas Lee provides a free orthodontic evaluation. This will allow you to know without a doubt from a professional and well experienced doctor in the field whether self-ligating braces is the right choice for you. Dr. Lee is a known authority on orthodontics, and is a trusted practitioner in the Thousand Oaks area so schedule an appointment today to ensure you have the attention from the best in the field.