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Orthodontics: Straightening teeth isn’t just cosmetic, it provides health benefits.

Many people seeking orthodontic treatment do so in pursuit of improved cosmetics. This is understandable. Every person’s face is the focal point of their personality and what other people see – it’s only natural to want to improve your smile. There are also a variety of core health benefits that come from straighter teeth. A few things to consider:

Fewer headaches

Crooked teeth tend to cause grinding, place pressure on the jaw and gums, and create tension. This can create headaches and neck pain which radiate through the body. Aside from being unpleasant, this can make it difficult to sleep. Orthodontic treatment has been shown to reduce these effects.

Improved ability to eat food

Crooked really do make chewing more difficult. Every case is unique, and depending on the nature of the misalignment, people may have issues eating certain kinds of foods or chewing properly. Some people may develop a habit of not chewing food as well as possible (usually without even realizing what they’re doing) which can lead to issues with digestive health.

Improved total body health

Crooked and misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean. Crowded teeth can make it very difficult to clean in between teeth, leading to foods, sugars, and other materials getting trapped. This obviously creates decay, leads to gum disease, all of which impacts heart health and other areas of the body.

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