Orthodontics Specialist in Moorpark, CA

Orthodontics in Moorpark, CA

Orthodontics, also known as orthodontia, is a field in dentistry that diagnoses, prevents or corrects the misalignments of teeth and jaws. This condition is known as malocclusions. Orthodontics has a history that is closely linked with dentistry for more than 2000 years. Some of the first findings of historical dentistry and orthodontics date back to the Egyptian era where mummies were found with metal bands wrapped around individual teeth. 

Orthodontists are specialists who undergo special training in dental schools upon graduating in dentistry. Studies show that approximately 30% of the population is present with malocclusions that are severe enough to be treated by an orthodontist. Dr. Thomas Lee is one of the highly qualified orthodontists available in Moorpark, CA. He has successfully treated hundreds of different malocclusions with varying severity. He completed his orthodontic residency in 2002 and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Orthodontics for Your Family

Upon completing his residency in May, 2002, Dr. Thomas Lee has successfully treated thousands of orthodontic cases. He is one of the pioneering orthodontists in the region who has incorporated various technological advancements in the fields to successfully and efficiently treat his patients. These technologies include Invisalign®, SureSmile®, 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), and temporary anchorage devices (TAD).  There are numerous cases when it comes to orthodontics, with patients displaying unique and different types of malocclusions. Each case may require braces, invisalign or oral surgery. At times, traditional equipment is not sufficient to identify and treat various orthodontic cases. 3D cone beam computed tomography is an advanced equipment that can produce a three dimensional image of your teeth, soft tissues and nerve pathways using just one scan. This is used when traditional dental X-Rays are not sufficient. There are also better tools that are easier and exerts less pressure on teeth.  Determining which treatment is the best for the vast number of cases is a hallmark of a great orthodontist, and he should be capable of providing successful treatment with the utmost care and efficiency for the patient. This is exactly what Dr. Thomas Lee does when treating each and every patient, diagnosing the issue and providing the best possible treatment that suits the needs and condition of the patient. Regardless of the treatment required, Dr. Lee is a fantastic authority in orthodontics, and is trusted by the thousands of patients who have undergone treatment.

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If you are looking for orthodontics for you and your family in Moorpark, CA, Dr. Thomas Lee provides free evaluations for prospective patients. This is a great opportunity to get an evaluation from one of the best orthodontists in the field with many years of experience in treating patients with a large variety of malocclusion issues. An approximate 30% of the population have malocclusions that are severe and can benefit from orthodontic treatment and the best way to identify an issue is through a visit to an orthodontist. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity by scheduling a free orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Thomas Lee, today!