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Orthodontic treatment: Adding charm to your smile

A beautiful smile is a dream for many. A good orthodontist can do wonders for your appearance and oral health. Orthodontic treatment involves more than what most people think. It is not just straightening teeth, but is actually a complicated biological process which encompasses changes in your facial bones, jaw bones and soft tissue surrounding the teeth. An orthodontist might adjust the entire foundation of your mouth and face. This is why choosing a trusted expert is important.

What does an orthodontist do?

There are so many things which an orthodontist will do for you. Treatment is highly personalized and can include:

  • Finding the right braces for you -metal, invisible, ceramic and micro braces. Each of these braces has their special uses. Treatment is recommended with consideration to variables such as your age, jaw differences, kind of teeth etc.
  • Damon Braces for crooked teeth
  • Clear Aligners to rectify misaligned teeth
  • Archwires for aligning teeth
  • Orthodontic Treatment for Children
  • Using splints or jaw repositioning devices
  • Treating an improper bite
  • Elastics for aligning the tips of teeth

Knowing the treatment process

The treatment begins with an in-depth examination of your teeth and mouth. Dental records such as photos, x-rays, and models of teeth are studied o assessed in order to create a customized treatment plan. The patient is given all details about the recommended treatment, the time span the treatment will last and the steps which the patient is expected to take in order to accomplish the treatment goals.

Dr. Thomas C. Lee

Thousand Oaks Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment times vary depending on the patient’s unique case. We have treated mild cases using braces or invisalign in 1-2 years, and we have overseen two-phase orthodontic treatment which starts as young as 8 years old, and can extend into teenage years for the second phase. We are a digitally native orthodontist with a range of modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities that ultimately help us provide the highest level orthodontic treatment to patients in Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas.

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